Curtiss King and Fresh Talent worked on a collab together, available here on Curtiss’ online shop. Artwork by the talented Albert Lee. If you haven’t heard Curtiss’ music, chekkit. Don’t sleep on either of us. Or do it and maybe find some dope shit late, whatever. Curtiss edited this video himself… He’s got less than 100 of these for sale, and I have less than 20, but most of the ones i have are already spoken for. Curtiss’ shop is the easiest place to buy them. GCS / Globe in Pomona has less 9 of them and is the only brick and mortar shop that’ll be carrying it. That’s the first store Curtiss ever performed in, and that’s the closest streetwear, graf, hip hop shop to my hometown. I remember them carrying FUCT since back in the day, and Obey before it hit even close to big.

(IG @freshtalent and @curtissking)